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Outplacement Programs

Peter K. Studner Associates provides a full complement of outplacement programs and services that take a candidate from the moment of job loss clear into his or her next position. Our services are unique to the outplacement industry in that we go way beyond what is traditional to provide the very latest in job-search know-how for our clients in transition.

Whether candidates are in our Black Belt Candidate/Executive Program, one of our other individual programs or a workshop, they will find the quality of training and support materials an experience that will last for the rest of their career.


"The professional nature by which I was handled during this very delicate time in my life was 'awesome'. Sandy and your staff made me feel at ease. The resume is a work of art. The books I was provided with were a great educational tool. Thank you does not seem adequate for these great services."
 --Taken from a recent candidate's remarks about the program we provided.


Makers of Black Belt Candidates

Summary of Programs

Individual Programs

Executive/Black Belt Candidate Program:This program is for senior management and special problem cases. We meet with the candidate individually and provide unlimited counseling, secretarial support, use of a fax, stationery, business cards, customized databases, job leads and network contacts all the way through to lifetime support. It is the most advanced and effective program in the industry. Click here for program details »

Entrepreneurial Counseling: Candidates wishing to organize their own business instead of searching for another job will have competent help with financial planning, funding, product/service design, business plans, budgeting, action plans, marketing and actual startup. Entrepreneurial counseling is tailored to the candidate’s needs. This is offered as an additional option with the Black Belt Candidate Program. Click here for program details »

Modified Executive Program: This program includes unlimited counseling until the candidate has completed his/her search, unlimited resumes and stationery, business cards, customized databases and training in every aspect of job search with lifetime support. (Limited secretarial support is provided.) Click here for program details »

Accelerated Program: This program is the equivalent of either a one-day or two-day workshop broken into multiple sessions for a single individual. We provide a complete overview of the job-search process. The candidate receives starter stationery, business cards, customized databases, resumes, and our award-winning book. This program is recommended for a limited outplacement budget. The one-day version is for non-exempt people and the two-day version for exempt and special cases. Follow-up is provided beyond formal training to assure that candidate questions are answered. We provide all materials needed for the program. Note: This program is not recommended for VIP or problem candidates. Click here for program details »

Mid-Career Check-Up Program: Most people associate outplacement with the de-recruitment process, i.e., getting someone out of a company into a new career or job. While we have built our reputation on successfully helping thousands of people through job and career changes, we provide a less publicized, but equally important service in salvaging executives and key employees who have veered off their career paths for any number of reasons. A Mid-Career Check-Up can oftentimes prevent outplacement. Click here for program details »

Significant Other Relocation Program: There are times when a company needs to provide assistance to a significant other who is forced to give up employment to follow a newly hired employee. This program is tailored for those occasions, providing career assessment, preparation of collateral materials (resumes, model letters and/or brochures), databases of companies and recruiters, mailings, and coaching through every step into a new position. The candidate works through each search stage with our counselor thus freeing the working partner to concentrate on his/her new position with the company. Click here for program details »

Reporting: As is our custom with candidates taking individual programs, the corporate client receives reports on our progress once a month. We do not discuss matters that are confidential to the candidate in our reports.


Two-day workshop: This workshop is directed at exempt employees – supervisors and administrative staff. We cover all the essentials of job-search, beginning with assessment, goal setting, resumes, market review (finding job openings), networking, using the telephone, writing letters, answering advertisements, interviewing, salary negotiations and setting an action plan. We provide customized databases of companies and recruiters as well as model resumes and letters to match the needs of each group. Emphasis is on completing a resume. We like to limit the number of participants to 20 with an ideal group of about 12. Follow-up is provided beyond formal training to assure that candidate questions are answered. Click here for program details »

One-day workshop: We provide all the techniques and materials needed for a complete job search. The workshop is geared to the needs of the audience. We include manuals and reference materials. Emphasis is also placed on resume construction, filling out a blank company application, networking, replying to advertised opportunities and interviewing techniques. We show candidates how to use their own networks to generate leads. We provide customized databases of companies and recruiters as well as model resumes and letters to match the needs of the group. Follow-up is provided beyond formal training to assure that candidate questions are answered. This workshop is geared to non-exempt personnel. For program details »

Train-the-Trainer Workshop: Our manual, SuperJobSearch, is ideal for companies wishing to offer in-house outplacement. We provide two-day workshops for human resource staff covering all aspects of SuperJobSearch along with related program materials. We suggest that groups be limited to six or fewer. Click here for program details »

Pre-retirement Workshop: Sometimes it is prudent to introduce eligible employees to a company’s early retirement program through a two-day workshop. The first day covers all the possibilities should they accept early retirement. Professionals discuss financial and healthcare planning. Career changes for both profit and non-profit activity are included. For those employees who sign up for the company’s retirement program, a second one-day workshop deals with the actual career transition. Groups should be limited to 30 participants. Click here for program details »

General Workshop Information: We can provide the facility but we recommend that workshops be held on company premises or at a nearby hotel. We suggest that you offer coffee and rolls in the morning, a buffet lunch and cold drinks in the afternoon. These items would be at the company’s expense.

Special Programs

Custom Counseling: While all our programs cover job-search techniques, we provide outplacement programs for a variety of special circumstances.

For groups of administrative, production or supervisory staff, where there is not a need for complete individual programs, we suggest a one- or two-day workshop that covers all the basics of career transition. After these workshops are completed, we provide individual counseling dealing with each person's specific job-search issues. Usually the company's human resource representative schedules each individual's requests for additional help. These sessions are usually two hours. Click here for program details »

Out-of-State Program: We are often called upon to provide outplacement throughout North America. Depending on the level of the impacted individual, we work with the company to provide suitable programs that cover the candidate's needs while staying inside the company's budget. Click here for program details »

Executive Coaching: Executive coaching can play an important role in succession planning by preparing an executive for that all-important promotion, or helping a new hire adjust to the corporate culture or bringing one of your under-performing executives up to expected performance. For these cases and others, executive coaching can oftentimes play a significant role in effecting changes in an executive's attitude, performance and/or assimilation. We work with the individual in analyzing his/her management style, interpersonal relations, mission and techniques for handling problems. Many of these issues are not readily understood by the executive. We introduce new techniques to deal with change, helping the executive become a more effective professional. Sessions are private and all information exchanged between the counselor and the individual is confidential . Oftentimes, several sessions in executive coaching can avoid a more serious costly solution. Click here for program details »

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