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Our Workshop Philosophy

Workshops have the most benefit when they are designed for each candidate group based on industry, function, location and market conditions. Accordingly, we do a lot of behind-the-scenes preparation to ensure a meaningful program for each group. This preparation includes:

  • Lists of recruiters, personnel agencies and temp agencies.
  • Lists of companies in comparable industries in proximity to the candidate's target area.
  • When appropriate,sample resumes similar to candidate profiles.
  • State and local agencies geared to help job-seekers in transition.
  • Lists of newspapers with news about local companies and job listings in the candidate's target area.
  • List of chambers of commerce.

Examples of recent workshop resources

Workshop for an automated 655,000 square foot distribution center in Memphis, Tennessee - 200 managers and hourly staff.

Workshop for a call center in Overland Park, Kansas - 170 managers and hourly staff.

Workshop for a manufacturing facility in Warwick, Rhode Island - 40 managers and production staff.

Two-day workshop: This workshop is directed at exempt employees – supervisors and administrative staff. We cover all the essentials of job-search, beginning with assessment, goal setting, resumes, market review – finding job openings, networking, using the telephone, writing letters, answering advertisements, interviewing, salary negotiations and setting an action plan. We provide customized databases of companies and recruiters and model resumes and letters to match the needs of each group. Emphasis is on completing a resume. We like to limit the number of participants to 20 with an ideal group of about 12. Follow-up is provided beyond formal training to assure that candidate questions are answered.

Two-Day Outplacement Workshop

Our career transition workshop is designed to give you an overview of the job market and how to best prepare for it. We will give you definite action steps that you can take right away that will shorten your job-search time.

Please bring along your most recent resume. We will provide you with a manual and helpful reference materials during the workshop. Everything to make your career search easier.

The Program

Assessment: We will review career opportunities vs. your skills. You will learn how to set concrete career goals.

Accomplishments: An easy way to organize your experiences into skills and benefits for a future employer. Discover what makes you great.

The Resume: How to create your best resume ever! We will show you how smart candidates present their skills in the most favorable light. Obtain a finished laser model of your resume.

The Market Plan: Where the jobs are and how to approach them. Dealing with advertisements, recruiters, agencies, associations, job fairs, job hotlines and the hidden job market.

Networking: Even if you have never networked before, we will teach you secrets of a professional networker and how to tap into the hidden job market.

Telemarketing Yourself: Learn how the telephone can be one of your most valuable tools.

The Interview, Negotiation & Action Plan: Selling yourself means having great interviews. We will show you what makes an interview a success. How to deal with research, advice and direct interviews. How to handle tough questions about salary, making it a win-win situation.