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Pre-retirement Workshop

Retirement today is not the end of activity, rather a new chapter in a person's evolution through a life cycle beginning with learning, moving into a career and finally into a new chapter beyond. Sometimes, retirees wish or need to continue working. Others, may wish to have more time to travel, be with family, develop hobbies, have more time for sports, participate in non-profit activities or do something that they always wanted but somehow never had the time.

Our Pre-retirement Workshop deals with all these possibilities.

Subjects covered in these workshops include:

  • Controlling your finances, budget and investments. We have a CPA/CFP to discuss important issues along with collateral materials that make it easy for each participant to continue financial management after the workshop.
  • Healthcare considerations, including present coverage and long-term needs. A professional healthcare specialist discusses all the things you would need to know to plan for all eventualities.
  • Career management after your main career is over. We review what kind of work is available to retirees who wish to work full- or part-time. We review the kind of resumes needed and how to go about marketing your services and the dos and don'ts in networking.
  • This workshop gives the employee faced with retirement a new perspective and overview on retirement with information and tools to make this transition easier and a positive experience.