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Mid-Career Check-Up Program

Most people associate outplacement with the de-recruitment process, i.e., getting someone out of a company into a new career or job. While we have built our reputation on successfully helping thousands of people through job and career changes, we provide a less publicized, but equally important service in salvaging executives and key employees who have veered off of their career paths for any number of reasons. A Mid-Career Check-Up can often times prevent outplacement.

Benefits to the Company:

Benefits to the Employee:

Salvaging years of corporate experience

Preventing know-how loss to a competitor

Avoidance of potential litigation

Guide and assist troubled employees

Insight to a larger problem

Reduce probability of costly workers' compensation claims

Eliminate dysfunctional situation

Prevent the Peter Principle Syndrome

A confidential career check-up

Re-establishing goals

Assistance in untangling unresolved issues with a qualified counselor

A chance to bring joy back into a career

Maintenance of company benefits

Training on how to sell talent

Determine a changing value system

Identify and rectify unknown problems, e.g., stress and burn out.

The Mid-Career Check-up is an opportunity to recreate an environment with increased productivity through employee cohesiveness and overall satisfaction.

The Mid-Career Check-up Program is for:

• Declining productive employees

• Excessive absence or lateness

• Human relations problems – poor communication, low morale

Needs, expectations, feelings of equity and levels of reinforcement all have an effect on performance. Preventing and remedying job stress and job burn out is one of the goals of this assessment. We review with the employee where stress situations exist along with suggestions on how to alleviate the problem. Sometimes reassignment is the best solution.

The bottom line: It is difficult to predict the outcome of an assessment evaluation. If there are no solutions within the company, we help the employee understand the value of leaving. The program can then lead into outplacement. Our goal is to help both the company and the employee through any conflict where greater insight and counseling will help.

Confidentiality: All personal information remains between the employee and the counselor.

The company will receive reports on the employee’s progress in general terms. Specific information will be shared only with the employee’s consent.