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The Black Belt Candidate/Executive Outplacement Program

Executive/Black Belt Candidate Program:

This program is for senior management and special problem cases. We meet with the candidate individually and provide unlimited counseling, mailings, secretarial support, use of a loaner fax, a phone card, stationery, business cards, customized databases, job leads and network contacts all the way through to lifetime support. It is the most advanced and effective program in the industry.

Entrepreneurial Counseling:

Candidates wishing to organize their own business instead of searching for another job will have competent help with financial planning, funding, product/service design, business plans, budgeting, action plans, marketing and actual startup. Entrepreneurial counseling is tailored to the candidate’s needs. This is offered as an additional option with the Black Belt Candidate Program.

Peter K. Studner Associates outplacement counseling produces Black Belt Candidates.

If you want to be a winner, you will be! Every job offer is a competition where only one person will emerge on top. Our training not only gives candidates an edge in this competition but the confidence to win.

The Black Belt Candidate Program is divided into three key components:

Strategic Planning: We analyze and define what the candidate wants to do in the next chapter of a career path with long-term objectives in mind. This includes an in-depth career assessment that ties in with the candidate’s life values. If appropriate, other members of the family are included in the strategic plan. The candidate develops a personal campaign that is proactively organized to go after jobs in companies that meet defined objectives and values. Should a candidate wish to start or develop a personal business, entrepreneurial counseling is available that includes planning, financing, organization, operations, marketing and keys to success.


  • Defining and building a competency inventory.
  • Identifying where the jobs are for each candidate.
  • Creating successful resumes and/or entrepreneurial marketing materials. A resume or brochure must reflect a candidate's best benefits to a future employer in an interesting, original and attractive manner. It must be unique to each candidate and create a demand for interviews. It must immediately show a candidate’s potential worth.
  • The art of successful networking. Black Belt Candidates learn how to be comfortable and competent on the telephone, obtaining interviews, and meeting the right people and decision makers. PKS Associates’ training includes constant video and audio reinforcement of interviewing skills where the candidate learns the art of successful interviewing, becoming an effective listener and an excellent presenter of benefits.
  • Testing the job market through advice and research interviews. The candidate begins with networking and discovers how to locate the best jobs before they are made public. Feedback is constantly analyzed with a professional counselor every step of the way.
  • Finally, when a job offer is in view, the Black Belt Candidate is prepared to discuss and negotiate a win-win salary.


  • Comprehensive secretarial services — unlimited resumes, stationery, business cards, mailings and facsimile transmissions.
  • Personalized corporate and recruiter databases.
  • Inclusion and access to the national Black Belt Candidate Network.
  • Lifetime guarantee and career support.