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 Accelerated Outplacement Program

It's true! You never get a second chance to make an outstanding first impression. That's why our Accelerated Outplacement Program is geared to get you up and running quickly with job skills and resources to meet the competition head on. In your individual counseling sessions, you will:

  • Receive help with determining a career path to assure that you are on track with today's job market.

  • Organize accomplishments – what makes you great. Accomplishments demonstrate skills and we show you how to convert skills into benefits for a future employer.

  • Create a great resume – your special calling card that makes you stand out from the pack.

  • Prepare a market plan – we show you where all the jobs are and how to attack each market. You will learn how to maximize your time to achieve results.

  • Learn how to network – even if you have never done it before. Exploring the hidden job market takes know-how; we show you step-by-step.

  • Learn how to use the telephone to obtain interviews. The telephone will become one of your most powerful tools.

  • Learn how to become an outstanding interviewee. How to answer tricky questions. What to say. What not to say. We demonstrate what it takes to make a clear, concise and credible presentation of your skills.

  • Negotiate a win-win salary package. How to reach for the high-end of any salary range.

  • Put together a daily action plan that will lead you to your objective. Job search know-how reduces stress.


  • An initial supply of resumes, stationery and business cards.

  • Reference materials on recruiters, companies, agencies, hotlines, associations and more.

  • Winning model letters for answering advertisements, contacting recruiters and companies and keeping in touch with your network.

  • On-going support by phone; your job-search questions will always have answers.