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Want to give your search a boost? Let us get your resume and cover letter in the hands of the nation's leading executive recruiters who are looking for candidates with your skills...and at a low cost!

$50.00 flat rate for 1-100 recruiters

$0.30 for each additional recruiter

If you choose, for $75.00 we will review your resume and cover letter before it is mailed

We e-mail your resume and cover letter to the nation's leading contingency and retainer executive recruiters, selected by you from our proprietary database that includes the nation's top 5,000 recruiters, updated daily and guaranteed. Note: this list of recruiters is not the same as the ones listed in our site's public domain free listings.

In conjunction with this service, we offer resume and cover letter editing. Customers that purchase the service can have their resumes reviewed by one of our highly experienced counselors, who will proofread for spelling and grammar and suggest content improvement.

Three Simple Steps

1. Complete the data requested on our CRITERIA FORM. We will search our up-to-date database and send you an e-mail telling you how many recruiters match your criteria and the cost of your e-mailing for your prior approval. There is no cost for this review.

2. Payment: If you are interested in going ahead with your recuriter e-mailing, call us at (800) 581-5953 from 8:30am - 5:30 pm Pacific Standard Time. We will begin the next phase of your mailing within 24 hours. If you wish, you may purchase a resume and cover letter review at this time for $75.00. For international clients, send us your information by e-mail, by FAX (1-310-470-8106) or by air mail including an International Money Order made out to Jamenair Ltd. for the full amount in U.S. dollars or include your international Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover card number and expiration month and year. Our mailing address is:

Express E-mail Service
Jamenair Ltd.
Post Office Box 241957
Los Angeles, California 90024-9757

3. Send us your resume and cover letter. We will take care of the rest!

PLUS! You will receive by e-mail a list of all the recruiters you selected and their e-mail addresses. You will also receive a copy of the e-mail that we sent to the recruiters on your behalf. To maximize your mailing, consult our information below:

Getting your next job. Where you will get your next job lead. Resume and letter editing. Our counselors will help you.
Model Resumes. Examples of superior candidate resumes. Model cover letters. Some of the best.

GET STARTED NOW!!! So we can let you know how many recruiters you have selected. Select recruiters by job, industry and geographic area as well as contingency, retainer or both! Proceed to theCriteria Form.