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This page is devoted to job-seekers and career-changers who have been experiencing difficulty with their transition. Under most circumstances, making a job change is a fairly routine matter. Millions of people do it everyday! But for some, making a career change has become a troubled event. If any of the following items are bothering you, perhaps you should contact one of our counselors for assistance. Read on:

  • What kind of job are you seeking? Is it still available? Do you know how to find out?
  • What exactly do you have to offer to a future employer? Do you know all your skills?
  • Do you feel that age is a handicap? Do you know how to get around this issue?
  • Are you looking for work while being depressed? Is your attitude under control?
  • Are you getting support from your family? Are your friends helping you?
  • Have you maintained your network of contacts? Do you know how to approach them?
  • Are your writing skills good? Do you have model letters and resumes to refer to?
  • Do you need career counseling? Do you know where to get it?
  • Do you have good databases of companies and recruiters? Do you know where to find them?
  • Have you learned to use the Internet to your advantage?
  • Have you properly prepared for your job search? Do you know the necessary steps to succeed?

If any of these questions or others are bothering you, perhaps one of our counselors can be of assistance to you. Having successfully worked with thousands of people in career transition, we would be happy to share our information with Job-Seekers Having Trouble.

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