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Super Job Search IV
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Expanded, revised, and interactive, here's the latest edition of the manual that has helped more than 300,000 men and women learn the secrets behind a successful career change. Whether you're about to embark on your first job search, are in mid-career, or are seeking to re-enter the job market, SUPER JOB SEARCH IV will help you land the best of all possible jobs. The 7-Step Program will show you how to:

  • Evaluate what you want to do and in which kind of environment.
  • Organize your accomplishments to easily market your skills.
  • Write a knockout resume that gets past the screeners and highlights your most impressive skills and attributes.
  • Discover ALL the places where jobs are found, including the hidden job market.
  • Write broadcast and cover letters, answer advertisements, and work with recruiters.
  • Prioritize your job search to maximize your time.
  • Obtain job leads and research companies on the Internet.
  • Become a great networker (even if you have never done it before) using LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other online resources.
  • Get interviews by telephone, e-mail, and social and professional networks.
  • Interview so that you can guide any discussion to focus on your most important skills.
  • Successfully manage phone, one-on-one, group, and competitive interviews.
  • Negotiate to get the salary you deserve.

Bonus Book Inside

Considering a business of your own? Learn all the steps for becoming an entrepreneur, including where to get free advice on your business and financial plans. All is detailed in Part III: A Business of Your Own.

THIS INTERACTIVE EDITION points you to tons of online resources available from and the app superjobsearch. You're just a click away from millions of job leads and companies all over the world, as well as thousands of recruiters listed by city and country.

Peter K. Studner is a master career counselor and former chief executive and board member of companies in the United States, France, and Great Britain. He has helped thousands of people with their career transitions and trains other career professionals to deliver this easy- to-follow program.

"I am extremely impressed. This is a phenomenal resource for anyone seeking a job opportunity and by far one of the most comprehensive tools I have reviewed. It is a must-read if you are in the job market just starting your career or if you are looking to change careers. Well worth the investment."

Kim Lambert, Manager of Talent Acquisition, The Ohio State University

"Super Job Search IV tops the list for state-of-the-art techniques in tune with today's tricky social and media networking. Using these techniques made me an outstanding candidate, landing a super job. Provides every tool you'll ever need, plus online resources."

Steve Finney, General Manager, Quiksilver

"Excellent, easy-to-follow. It takes the fear out of finding employment and is encouraging and concise."

Danielle Kerins, Reviewer,

"Super Job Search IV is your search GPS for landing your next big opportunity. Peter Studner masterfully guides you step- by-step into being an in-demand candidate. It is a disciplined journey that when followed delivers amazing results. I know—I've applied it to my own searches and it works!"

Peter M. Kardash, Operations Manager,

"The most comprehensive and helpful job search book I have read. It's the perfect state-of-the-art job-searching advice for the 21st century. A must-read for my students."

Simon Edery, Producer; Instructor, Academy of Art University

"Peter is a consummate mentor for advising on how to become re-engaged in the workforce. Whether you are seeking a mid-level management position or the role of a CEO, his guidance is on the mark."

Michael Stark, President & COO, HomeDeliveryLink; Author

"A lot of great tips!"

Amy Mays, Reviewer,

"Outstanding practical advice for job seekers, consultants, and entrepreneurs."

Kenneth Yancey, CEO.

"Super Job Search IV, the interactive edition, is the most comprehensive job search manual I have ever reviewed. The book covers all age groups and has a full section on how to start a business for entrepreneurs. It is the perfect career manual for job seekers, career counselors, human resources professionals, outplacement firms, and recruiters."

Andy Heck, Human Resources Professional

"Super Job Search IV is a must-have for anyone recently out of work, or looking to make a switch. It helped me land a dream job 20 minutes from home in a tough job market. The best job-search advice anywhere."

Aileen Zeidman, HR Manager, St. Joseph Center

"If Yoda had written about mastering the job search 'Force,' this would be it. Studner hands you decades of winning experience in an expertly organized format that navigates job search with strategies for immediate use."

Leon Directo, Director, Dignity Health

Need a job? Parents dream of an empty nest?

A 5-star rating! I enjoyed and was fascinated by the thought process and the procedures which are laid out to find jobs that are not advertised.

College grads, if you are looking for a way to break into your chosen field, this book takes you all the way, from which part of the work force you should be in, and whether your dream job really exists, through your final interviews.

For those of you later in life who have been downsized or laid off due to the economy, at any level up to executive, this book has advice for you. Each of the sections is laid out so the parts that apply to your situation are easily identifiable.

Mom or Dad, if you are worried about your adult offspring finding a job, this book is the perfect present. Perhaps you may want a better job yourself. The information is clearly presented to help any job seeker. It even has answers for those tricky questions some employers ask that are just verging on legal. Studner has thought of everything and almost makes me want to come out of retirement to use his book to get a job. Well, almost. This book is getting a solid 5 from me and I recommend it to everyone in the job market. I wish there were a 10 out of 5 as I cannot praise this book as much as it deserves.

Reading Room and Reviews by Kelly Haggerty

"Studner shows readers how to turn mundane resumes and letters into interesting documents that result in interviews. His book and online resources are loaded with samples. Studner's book nails this completely."

Don Spector, former Creative Director, BBDO/West

"A critical tool for finding the next job opportunity or career. It should be part of every severance package."

Alfred J. Landegger, Esq., Landegger Baron Law Group Employment & Labor Law Advice, Solutions and Litigation

"I find this book extremely helpful for anyone seeking new employment. The knowledge, tools, and examples pro- vided are realistic, easy to use, and can make a difference in the hiring decision. I would recommend it for my recruiting staff, those looking to progress in their current careers, recent graduates, and my own children."

Andraea Douglass, Senior Vice President for Talent, Culture and Human Resources, The Ohio State University

"Peter Studner does a remarkable job. It is a must-read for anyone looking for work. You are receiving guidance from one of the best subject matter experts in the USA."

Al Goodman, President, Albert James Associates, LLC

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