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Outplacement counseling is an art. It requires a counselor with solid business experience, marketing know-how, networking skills, writing talent and a thorough knowledge of the job market. Our typical counselor has worked with thousands of candidates, from Chairman/CEO down to production and administrative staff.

Each counselor has gone through extensive training in job-search techniques and, as technology changes, we continually update our tools and coaching methods. Our counselors share information so that when a campaign begins, we all keep an eye on the market for candidate introductions.

Quality and speed of response is an important part of our service. Every candidate document is reviewed by at least one other professional before it goes out. Contact with your counselor is usually in minutes. We call back as soon as we have a break in our schedules. In other words, we provide the kind of coaching and outplacement help that we would want if we were the candidate.

When creating resumes and cover letters for candidates, we are never in a hurry to rush a mailing. We prefer that these important documents are reviewed carefully to be sure the candidate has nothing but the best our combined talents can produce.

Part of our services to candidates is job-development assistance. We do this three ways:

We are constantly in touch with hundreds of client companies and can access this network on behalf of our candidates. We can often times get to a key decider faster than a candidate can on his/her own.

We share contacts from each counselors network. Often times, we can assist a candidate getting a head start on his/her campaign through our introductions. Companies in need of talent welcome our call.

We use tools that keep a candidate focused. Our manual, SuperJobSearch, has been used by thousands of candidates with exceptional results. Outplacement firms around the world are using it in their programs. We even offer a training program, Train-the-Trainer, for outplacement counselors in the use of our manual. Lastly, our databases of companies and recruiters are exceptional and are updated daily.

Unlike many outplacement firms, we do not cut off a candidate's program because of a contracted time period. We do not offer one-month, three-month, six-month and nine-month programs. If a candidate has not obtained a position in a given time, we realize that the candidate needs us more than ever and we are there for him/her.

All the above means is a fresher, less stressful, more focused and often times, a faster career transition with even greater rewards.

Peter K. Studner