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Certified Healthcare Quality Professional

A certified healthcare quality professional with exceptional clinical and technical knowledge as well as 13 years of diverse healthcare experience in hospitals and consulting firms. Possesses excellent analytical skills in clinical, operational and financial projects, medical data analysis, market research and analysis, project management, and strategic planning.

A customer-focused team player with strong skills in teaching, problem-solving and innovation.


Washington Hospital Healthcare System, Fremont, California                                           2006-2007

Director of Quality Outcomes Management

Led the assessment of existing system-wide quality improvement opportunities and the startup of new quality initiatives for a non-profit, regional health system with a 312-bed, acute-care medical center, four ambulatory care clinics and a freestanding outpatient surgery center that was recognized as one of the top 5% distinguished hospitals in 2006 by HealthGradesTM and one of the top 5% hospitals regarding pneumonia risk-adjusted mortality in California in 2007. Reported to the chief quality officer.

  • Wrote curriculum and presented a two-tier training program that educated the executives and nursing management staff on creating an organizational culture of healthcare quality improvement.
  • Applied and implemented an evidence-based practice initiative to decrease sepsis mortality and non-ventilator associated nosocomial pneumonia by 25% with $120,000 in foundation funding.
  • Coordinated efforts with national quality management organizations (CMS, JCAHO, IHI and HealthGradesTM) and acquired current clinical data and reports for benchmarking the hospital’s quality outcomes.
  • Collaborated with the chief medical officer in developing quality reporting information for use in the physician credentialing and reappointment processes.
  • Managed four analysts in the preparation of quarterly quality reports for the board of trustees and medical staff committees.
  • Led a multidisciplinary team in the review and improvement of health information documentation and coding, improving reimbursement by $500,000 annually.  

Sutter Health System, Sacramento, California                                                                       2004-2006

Senior Clinical Integration Consultant/Analyst

Responsible for project management involving clinical quality reporting and data integration/analysis for a non-profit health system with 26 acute-care hospitals.

  • Served as the leader of the DRG assurance project that conducted a comprehensive review of documentation at five hospitals, improving reimbursement by $2 million annually with appropriate coding and documentation. Responsible for the development of the methodology to collect and track data.
  • Designed new methodologies on severity of illness (SOI), risk of mortality (ROM) and case-mix index (CMI) analysis, saving $250,000 in outside consulting fees each year.
  • Formulated a quality review report for the health system’s board of trustees. This report contained all clinical quality initiative improvement and patient safety data analyses, which was published quarterly.
  • Working with the chief medical officer (CMO), designed a risk-adjusted mortality analysis and developed a report that was presented to the board of trustees. This report was used for the incentive plans of the hospital’s chief executive officer.
  • Created a cardiovascular service line report and presented it at the oversight committee meetings each quarter. This report was utilized as a service line planning tool for system-level strategic planning and budgeting purposes.
  • Led the strategic planning/business development team on cancer service line report development, service line environmental assessment and annual strategic planning.
  • Designed the chief executive officer’s quality reports for the health system’s 26 hospitals, which were distributed to all hospitals’ chief executive officers and leadership teams each quarter. Also they were widely used in JCAHO accreditation survey presentations.
  • Participated in JCAHO survey preparations, provided training sessions and consulting services on clinical quality and safety improvement. (All hospitals passed the JCAHO accreditation survey in 2004.)
  • Developed innovative quality measurement methodologies such as Spider Chart/Gap Analysis methodologies, initiative composite score, risk and seasonality adjusted mortality index, and regression analysis of performance trends. Presented them to the staff within the clinical integration department, system level service lines and quality committees.
  • Created financial models that computed net revenues based on charge data, and facilitated the use of the models in clinical integration, finance and planning/business development.
  • Succeeded in designing and advocating a risk-adjusted mortality index. This new measure was added into the corporate and hospital chief executive officer’s incentive plans. (The mortality index decreased by 19%, representing 400 lives saved each year.)

Premier Inc./CareScience Inc., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania                                                 2002-2003
Outsourced in Cooper Health System, New Jersey

Performance Improvement (PI) Consultant

Served as the contracted performance improvement consultant for a 540-bed, major teaching medical center and four ambulatory clinics.

  • Collaborated with physicians and management in improving patient workflow process. Reduced radiology lost films by 12.5% in two months. Shortened the pediatrics MRI turnaround time from   35 days to 7 days in two months.
  • Led and facilitated multidisciplinary performance improvement (PI) teams on safety initiatives and reported progress of these initiatives.
  • Prepared for a JCAHO survey, including mock surveys, developed PI presentations and attended physician surveyor activities.
  • Developed quality, cost and operation opportunity analyses for the emergency department, including staff productivity, utilization and cost effectiveness. Improved the emergency department throughout and shortened length-of-stay by 15% in six months.
  • Prepared quarterly reports for medical staff departments/committees meetings that combined statistical and quality control information with outcome analysis on specific patient populations. Presented quality and outcomes information as well as provided recommendation of action plans.
  • Started and led the Surgical Infection Prevention (SIP) initiative, researched metrics, designed data collection tools, and facilitated action plans at the surgery committee meetings.

Premier Inc., Charlotte, North Carolina                                                                                    2001-2002


Collaborated with project directors to deploy plans for the launch of 11 clinical performance areas, most areas were consistent with CMS quality improvement organization (QIO) programs and JCAHO core measures, such as acute myocardial infarction (AMI), congestive heart failure (CHF), community acquired pneumonia, total joint replacement and coronary artery bypass graft (CABG).

  • Researched clinical quality improvement tools and trends from leading organizations such as Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), CMS and JCAHO.
  • Created financial models that identified opportunities for reductions in labor and supply costs for the emergency room services.
  • Worked with the informatics team on product development of Clinical AdvisorTM (the largest clinical database with more than 500 subscribing hospitals in 50 states) and clinical performance report (CPR) development.
  • Consulted with hospitals on how to use medical data analysis to improve clinical quality while cutting costs, using Clinical AdvisorTM and Operation AdvisorTM.
  • Created wage, severity and risk adjustments methodologies for clinical and financial data; built and interpreted statistical process control (SPC) charts.
  • Participated on the team that achieved significant quality outcome improvements.
    • Stroke initiative: 26 hospitals reduced costs related to stroke care; 19 hospitals demonstrated a mortality rate reduced by 10% or more; and 24 hospitals showed a readmission rate reduced by 10% or more.
    • Emergency department initiative: 22 hospitals achieved a 122% increase in ED gross revenue, a 77% increase in collections, a 48% decrease in “left without being seen” population, a 40% decrease in laboratory turnaround time, and full implementation of “Fast Track” services and bedside registration.
  • Increased the use of life-saving medications (ACE inhibitors) from 77% to 84% and decreased the readmission rate from 17.8% to 16.9% for 30 participating hospitals in the congestive heart failure initiative.

PLA General Hospital, Beijing, China                                                                      1996-1999


Rotated in multiple clinical departments as a medical resident, including internal medicine, cardiology, radiology, emergency, surgery, pulmonary, orthopedics and neurology.

Military Health Services Department, Beijing, China                                               1995-1996

Assistant Health Services Researcher

  • Invited to be a member of the Editor’s Committee; cooperated with CCTV (China Central Television) for the TV series War and Health Services.
  • Supported a committee that organized and hosted the 31st International Military Medical Conference with more than 5,000 attendees.
  • Participated in health services policy research and policy reform proposal development.


Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana

Master of Health Administration (1999-2001)

Second Military Medical University, Shanghai, China

Medical Doctor (1990-1995)

Beijing Houqin Institute, Beijing, China

Medical Statistics and Database Management Courses (1995-1996)

Ty Boyd executive learning systems “excellent in speaking institute” Courses, Charlotte, Carolina (2001)
Mini–Advanced Training Program in Healthcare Delivery Improvement Courses, Intermountain Healthcare, Salt Lake City, Utah (2002)
Management and Clinical Excellence Training Program, Sutter Health, Sacramento, California (2005)


Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ) (2004-Present)
American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), Member (1999-Present)


Chairman's Scholarship Recipient, Tulane University (1999-2001)



Arcview-GIS3.1, Manifold and Geomedia


Office 2000 (Word, Excel, Excess, PowerPoint and FrontPage), Project Management and Procite5.0




Cognos, Crystal, FoxPro, Access and SQL Server


FrontPage98, Homesite5.0, FTP, and Telnet



QI Applications:

Solucient Fathom and Polaris; Premier Clinical Advisor; and MIDAS Datavision


Jun Yu, M.D, M.H.A., National Health Reform Forum, Presentation: U.S. Community Healthcare and Hospitals, Guang Zhou, China, December 2007
Gao, Jianchuan, M.D., PhD, Jun Yu, MD., MHA., etc., Translation on Trauma fifth edition by Ernest E. Moore, 2006
Jun Yu, M.D., M.H.A., Two-day course on Hospital quality management, Hospital Executive EMBA program, Renmin University, Beijing, China Oct 2003
Jun Yu, M.D., M.H.A., Stephen R. Grossbart, Ph..D., Clinical performance reports: methods & meaning, Premier Froniters in Clinical Innovations annual conference, New Orleans, LA, November 2001
Jun Yu, M.D., M.H.A., Stephen R. Grossbart, Ph.D., Emergency department summary report: methods & meaning, Premier Emergency Department Integrated Solution Program meeting, Charlotte, NC, November 2001
Stephen R. Grossbart, Ph.D., Jun Yu, M.D., M.H.A., Effective Testing and Measurement, Premier Breakthroughs in Performance Improvement annual conference, San Diego, CA, April 2002
George Parkins, M.D., Colleen M. Vetere, R.N., M.P.H., Jun Yu, M.D., M.H.A., Shanie Butler, R.N., Surgical Infection Prevention Project (SIPP), Premier Breakthroughs in Performance Improvement annual conference, San Diego, CA, April 2002
Jun Yu, M.D., M.H.A., Colleen M. Vetere, R.N., Hip/Knee Replacement-Project Tracker Analysis, Premier Breakthroughs in Performance Improvement annual conference, San Diego, CA, April 2002
Jun Yu, M.D., M.H.A., Why CAP and Why Now? Premier Frontiers in Clinical Innovations annual conference, New Orleans, LA, November 2001

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