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Experienced CAD Design Engineer

A highly experienced computer assisted designer (CAD) who has developed complex parts for plastics and die castings used in assembled products for sophisticated electro-mechanical products. Designs include plastic injection molded parts and assemblies used in card readers, label printers and power supply enclosures as well as storage peripheral enclosures. Created additional die castings for aircraft instruments, disk drive mounts and stereo lithography apparatus systems for making prototype parts and devices.

Expertise includes outstanding skills in 3D software, Wildfire from Parametric Technologies, Autodesk’s 2002 AutoCAD, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Bann and Agile for document control.


Zebra Technologies, Inc., Camarillo, California                                                                                   2003-2008

Senior Engineering CAD Designer

Created label printers for the largest specialty label printing company serving the automotive, pharmaceutical, postal, medical, financial, retail distribution, warehousing, defense, transportation and shipping industries with sales of more than $900 million.

  • Developed the “Next Generation” label printer for packaging and shipping using transfer of ribbon ink to media technology. This printer replaces a previous generation unit which has traditionally sold in excess of 70,000 units annually, which represents 25% of the company’s total printer line.

  • Specified and selected materials and vendors to keep materials costs within 30% of unit costs.

  • Created 3D styling options that were tested with the Marketing Department, who in turn consulted customers.

  • Created stereo lithography prototype components of each part assembled into units for evaluation and visual presentation.

  • Employed 3D software, Wildfire from Parametric Technologies, Autodesk’s 2002 AutoCAD, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Bann and Agile for document control.

  • Used an internal software that contained all information about any component or assembly for incoming inspection results.

  • Participated in conducting mechanical testing for ribbon wrinkle, media flow and overall performance.

Anono Designs Company, Salem, Oregon and Palm Springs, California                                              1997-2003

Mechanical/Mechanisms, 3D CAD, Design Consultant

Performed product design and for:

  • EOS, a power supply manufacturer. Designed and developed lines of plastic power supply enclosures.

  • Zebra Technologies Corporation, a printer labeling equipment manufacturer. Designed and developed a two-inch hand-held remote label printer.

  • iQstor, a raid array data storage company. Developed a mainframe cabinet system for mounting. This included a 15-slot chassis for disk drives.

  • V.I.R. Engineering Company, a design firm for medical instruments. Provided 3D developed parts, models and drawings.

Xircom, Inc., Newbury Park, California                                                                                                1991-1996

Senior Mechanical/Mechanism Designer

Worked on the development of plastic contoured enclosures used for networking adaptors. Xircon was a manufacturer of networking adaptors for the OEM and replacement markets.

  • Introduced a new solid modeling application program, Pro Engineer by Parametric Technology, used for model development.

  • Developed a new patented network connecting system that had a novel patented urethane gear belt for tightening mounting screws.

  • Developed and prepared a variety of contoured adapter cases for production that sold more than one million units during the first two years.

  • Saved $42,000 in annual expenses by locating an alternative source and design for a key spring component used in every product.

  • Designed more than 20 different networking hook-up models which made up the entire adapter line for a wide variety of networking systems.

3D Systems, Inc., Valencia, California                                                                                                 1989-1991

Senior Mechanical/Mechanism Designer

Designed and built an elevator system used in setting polymer thickness for a manufacturer of stereo lithography prototyping systems, representing $10 million in annual sales. Prepared engineering drawings for manufacturing assembly instructions and detailed drawings for production.

Pertron Controls, Inc., Chatsworth, California                                                                                     1986-1989

Senior Mechanical/Mechanism Designer

Developed steel back plane mounting system that replaced an expensive component for a manufacturer of heavy duty electrical contactors mounted in NEMA 12 cabinets used for a robot controlled spot weld system for automotive corporations.


Served as a Senior Mechanical/Mechanism Designer for:

  • A manufacturer of door access security and an ATM Product Engineer.

  • A major banking company as Senior Mechanical Designer and later as Product Engineer in the development of the electronic banking system and the first ATM system used by CitiBank of NYC.

  • Held responsibilities as a Senior Mechanical Designer for a microfiche viewing equipment manufacturer, aircraft instrument design company and an aerospace manufacturer.


Compton College, Compton, California

Associate of Arts, Mechanical Engineering

Los Angeles Trade Technical College, Los Angeles, California

Associate of Arts, Electrical Engineering


Named on patent for microfiche viewer/focusing system, Images Enterprises, Inc., 1971
Named on patent for ‘Geared Belt’ materials selection solution, Xircom, Inc., 1994
Patented a media centering apparatus, Zebra Technologies Corporation, 2001

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