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Innovative & Creative Engineering Manager

An innovative and creative engineering manager with 20 years of increasing responsibilities in building research and development teams as well as sustaining engineering that saved more than $20 million in cost reduction. Instrumental in creating more than 22 product lines that sold in excess of $5 billion. Creator of 14 patents and delivered products that were state-of-the-art in their respective fields.

Extensive experience in the following manufacturing processes:

Sheet metal manufacturing Extruding aluminum Die casting aluminum
Plastic extrusion Injection molding of plastics Powder coating paints & finishes
Deep-drawing metals Chemically etching of metals Reducing friction
Wiring harnesses, motors & fans Working with adhesives & ceramics Appling heating elements to products


Zebra Technologies Corporation, Camarillo, California 2006-2007

Sustaining Engineering Manager

Managed a team of engineers and project managers, eliminating product defects, performing product enhancements, and cost reduction of card and photo printers for the largest specialty label printing company serving the automotive, pharmaceutical, postal, medical, financial, retail distribution, warehousing, defense, transportation and shipping industries with sales of more than $700 million.

  • Interfaced with customers, resolved complaints and directed a team that enhanced products and reduced product defects.
  • Initiated a cost reduction plan and a multifunctional team that generated $2.5 million in first-year savings.
  • Directed a group of managers that dealt with customer complaints and resolved all issues, retaining two major accounts that represented $20 million in revenues.

Encad, a Kodak Company, San Diego, California 1999-2006

Project Manager

Initiated and managed a cost reduction team for a Fortune 500 company's printer division producing wide format printers, consumables and accessories, and generating $100 million in annual sales.

  • Initiated and managed cost reductions and quality improvements by changes in design and manufacturing processes, vendor optimization (U.S., Asian and European), material selection, and price negotiation. Newly initiated savings ranged between $1.1 million and $1.4 million annually.
  • Managed commodity team to reduce cost and optimize product quality.
  • Directed development team for low-cost printer dryer, saving $90 on each assembly (Patent #6,863,393).

Seagate Technology, Longmont, Colorado 1998-1999

Principal Engineer

Responsibilities included project leader, technology optimization and hardware design.

  • Directed the verification of load ramp technologies used in new drive products.
  • Designed an actuated load ramp with crash stop, which can be used to maximize usable disk space and eliminate shock damage (Patent #6,424,498).

Iomega Corporation, Roy, Utah 1986-1998

Senior Design Engineer

Responsibilities included product design, project leader, research and development.

  • Designed head suspension for a low profile product with unique mounting and shock limiting feature (Patent #6,104,573).
  • Designed miniature plastic load ramps to accommodate a low profile, flexible disk cartridge (Patent #5,995,332).
  • Awarded $10,000 for initiating and managing a low-cost head design development project. The resulting design reduced the magnetic cost head by 50%.
  • Designed die cast aluminum chassis and sealing for contamination control, for the award winning Jaz Drive.
  • Designed crush resistant cartridge case used for the Jaz cartridge (Patents #5,971,145 and #5,850,914).
  • Reduced contamination in the disk drive subsystem with redesign of seals, chassis and airflow. The resulting design reduced part costs and eliminated a replaceable filter.
  • Served as the project manager for the OEM magneto optical subsystem.
  • Patent awarded for a unique filtration system used in removable media cartridges. The product life increased by two times and data reliability increased by ten times (Patent #4,969,061).

Seagate Technology, Scotts Valley, California 1983-1986

Staff Engineer

Performed research and development of magnetic head assemblies for one of the world's foremost manufacturers of magnetic hard drives.

  • Set up a new laboratory for head development, including the design and prototype manufacture of low-volume production tooling and test equipment.
  • Worked with five suppliers in Asia and the U.S. providing hard drive components to bring five new products to the market that were used in all of the company's products.

Storage Technology Corporation, Louisville, Colorado 1978-1983

Staff Engineer

Performed research, technology development, tribology and manufacturing for a manufacturer of 14-inch disk drives.

  • Developed a capacitance probe slider for detection of flying height variation of magnetic heads over rotating disks.
  • Investigated head flight dynamics using capacitance probe sliders, piezoelectric transducers and white light interferometry.
  • Developed a technique to measure lubricant thickness using capacitance measurement.
  • Developed a method for measuring flight dynamics of magnetic heads.
  • Invented a method for measuring magnetic head flying heights using a capacitance method.
  • Developed a glide head calibration standard that quantified glide head output.


California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, California

Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, 1978

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