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Talented Electronics Design Engineer

A versatile electronics design engineer with 20 years of experience in board and system level design of data communications, home networking and portable equipment for leading OEM manufacturers in the printing, telecommunications and data processing industries.

A product innovator who has guided products from concept and architecture through detailed design, prototype, and testing phases into volume production. Excellent skills in working with senior management, marketing, vendors, customers and manufacturing engineers in worldwide production sites.


Zebra Technologies, Inc., Warwick, Rhode Island 2004-Present

Design Engineer V

Designed a number of electro-mechanical products, including battery systems to power desktop printers. Performed sustaining activities for several portable printer lines for the largest specialty label printing company serving pharmaceutical, medical, financial, retail distribution and other major industries with sales of more than $700 million. Provided guidance and mentoring to junior engineers.

  • Designed a lead-acid battery system, including a 60-watt charger that powered four desktop printers, and a print server system that facilitated remote operation without external AC power. This design boosted the sales of the desktop printers and opened new markets for the company.
  • Designed a multiphase boost converter module with an automatic output voltage selector, which gave the company the flexibility to sell print server systems with 20- or 24-volt printers. The modular design of the converter reduced time-to-market, FCC compliance risk and follow-on design cost.
  • Devised a PIC microcontroller based telemetry system for a print server product that allowed the product to be queried and reprogrammed in the field. The PIC monitored charging states, battery voltage, output power and indicator LEDs, and integrated a power interlock with tilt-detect features.
  • Researched, bought, installed and demonstrated the Emscan EMC debug test bed. This new tool shortened the design cycle and eliminated the need for costly open-field site prototype testing.

Stillwater Electronics and Consulting, Inc., Smithfield, Rhode Island 2002-2004

Principal Engineer & Managing Director

Provided electronics consulting services to technology companies, including design, process review and documentation, debugging, sustaining engineering, and failure analysis.

Client: Network Engines of Canton, Massachusetts. Makers of data storage servers.

  • Performed senior sustaining engineering duties, including new vendor qualification, failure analysis, and the creation of return and repair procedures in support of existing server product lines. Supported the client's main customer on-site and debugged installed systems, eliminating test problems.
  • Worked with vendors to correct quality problems and traveled to world-wide facilities to ensure process quality. Uncovered and corrected supply-chain issues. These efforts helped the client secure a major follow-on contract.

Client: BL Software Systems of Franklin, Massachusetts. Designers of cable modems with added features for medical monitoring and home security.

  • Reviewed and redesigned a cable modem product that included interfaces for the LON power line carrier, Ethernet, USB, a low-speed RF link and PCMCIA, allowing the client to introduce a new product concept. Debugged a video server card and a RF transceiver board. Created demonstration units for an Internet-to-television product.

Client: ChronoFish Corp of Cranston, Rhode Island. Provider of software services and web development to several small companies.

  • Designed a cost-constrained telephone system that allowed an end-user with limited mobility to call a sponsor with a single pushbutton.

Motorola Broadband Communications Sector, Mansfield, Massachusetts 1987-2002

Staff Engineer, Home Networking Group (1998-2002)

Provided hardware architecture and design for cable modems, home networking products, cable telephony devices and residential gateway devices for a world-class provider of cable head end and terminating equipment and developer of the Six Sigma quality system.

  • Designed wireless and data-over-phoneline (HPNA) interfaces for cable modems, allowing multiple end-users to share broadband connections.
  • Designed a residential gateway product with Ethernet, HPNA, USB and wireless interfaces, allowing customers to create flexible home networks.
  • Coordinated the design activities of three engineering groups in California, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts and one joint-venture, sub-system vendor (Proxim and Siemens) to create a common interface used in residential gateway, cable modem and cable telephony products. This common interface allowed for the development of a single radio card that could be used in several products, promoting design reuse.

Senior Engineer, Modem Group (1992-1998)

Designed customer premises T1 and fractional-T1 equipment, switched-56 restoral devices and analog modems. Participated in Six Sigma continuous improvement teams to formalize the design process and eliminate costly design errors.

  • Designed a high-speed (V.34) stand-alone modem, cards for nested modems and option cards for a router product line, resulting in successful product line launches.
  • Provided mentoring, training, design insight and support to engineers at Telenetics, allowing Motorola to successfully sell its modem product line.
  • Designed switched-56 and synchronous data compression option cards for a data service unit/channel service unit, which allowed the user to continue to send data when the primary service line went down.
  • Coordinated several design support groups in manufacturing, quality and component engineering, which achieved shortened cycle times.
  • Formalized and simplified a hardware design process using flowcharts and templates, resulting in commonality of process among several hardware designers, shortening development cycles.
  • Provided mentoring and training to junior-level engineers.

Engineer II, New Product Introduction Group, Modem Group (1987-1992)

Designed data communications equipment, including multiplexer port cards and digital service units. Designed test beds for the factory integration of new products. Provided input to the design team to ensure that each new product included test features.

  • Designed digital service unit cards for an existing modem platform, allowing customers to upgrade existing equipment to new, higher speed interfaces without disrupting the existing infrastructure.
  • Supervised the layout, production and testing of data communication equipment circuit boards to ensure quality and compliance. This design used programmable logic and required exact timing analysis.
  • Designed a 6-port interface card for a high-speed network node product. This design used a digital signal processor, programmable logic devices and a custom VLSI chip.
  • Designed and supervised the building of diagnostic test stations that ensured high quality in factory test processes.
  • Analyzed statistical control factors, achieving consistent and high-quality production processes.

International Data Sciences, Inc., Lincoln, Rhode Island 1982-1987

Design Engineer, Specials Engineer

Designed data communications test equipment, including bit-error-rate testers and interface breakout boxes. Created, built and tested audio frequency analog interface hardware. The company specialized in hand-held data communications test equipment and was the world leader in the use of pseudo-random bit patterns to detect bit stream errors.

  • Designed breakout boxes for data line monitoring of EIA-232, EIA-485, V.35 and T1/E1 interfaces. These portable, battery-operated devices enabled technicians to quickly diagnose communication problems between data communication and data terminal equipment.
  • Designed digital interface hardware for data communication equipment operating up to 1.544 Mbps that supported the company's data communications test strategy. Devised a logic circuit for detecting valid and non-valid bipolar violations in T1 transmissions. This allowed the product to detect true bit errors in a bit stream.
  • Created the position of Specials Engineer to determine the profitability of carrying out special customer requests.


Fischer College, Attleboro, Massachusetts 1993-1994

Instructor, Adjunct Faculty

Instructed a Systems Analysis and Design class, emphasizing systematic processes for analyzing and redesigning large computer information systems.


Northeastern University, Graduate School of Engineering, Boston, Massachusetts

Master of Science in Computer Engineering, 1994

University of Rhode Island, College of Engineering, Kingston, Rhode Island

Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering, 1982 Dean's list
Tau Beta Pi - Engineering Honor Society; President Rhode Island Eta Kappa Nu - EE Honor Society

Mentor Graphics, Marlborough, Massachusetts

Schematic capture tool training, 2004

Motorola University, Mansfield, Massachusetts

Significant training in leadership, design techniques and technology, 1987-2001

Bryant University, Smithfield, Rhode Island

Master of Business Administration courses: Management, marketing, economics and ethics, 1995-1999

Roger Williams University, School of Engineering, Bristol, Rhode Island

Statistics and Communications, 1987

Northeastern University, State-of-the-Art Program, Boston, Massachusetts

C Programming, 1987

Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Graduate School of Engineering, Worcester, Massachusetts

Microprocessor Design, 1984


PC/Windows, Apple Macintosh, UNIX OS, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Outlook, Cadence and Mentor Graphics schematic capture tools, and various internet and intranet web-based tools and sites

C, Assembly language, VHDL, Verilog, PIC microcontroller, Motorola and Freescale processors

Debuggers, emulators, oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, Emscan and GTEM cell for EMC

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