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Quality Assurance Engineer

A versatile quality assurance engineer with 20 years’ experience in manufacturing, testing products, product development and repairing, and maintaining sophisticated military aviation products. Developed test procedures for the testing of a leading printer manufacturer’s next generation of desktop thermal transfer and direct thermal printers, replacing a current product line representing more than $500 million in annual sales.

Expertise includes outstanding skills in problem solving, testing, protocol development, documentation, training test technicians, troubleshooting root-causes of product failures, and designing and building test fixtures.


Zebra Technologies, Inc., Camarillo, California                                                                         2002-Present

Quality Assurance/Failure Analysis Engineer

Performed quality assurance on bar code, label and card printers for the largest specialty label printing company serving the automotive, pharmaceutical, postal, medical, financial, retail distribution, warehousing, defense, transportation and shipping industries with sales of more than $900 million. Report to the Global Sourcing Manager for electronic manufacturing services (EMS).

  • Assisted in the transfer of the company’s mobile product line production from the United States to China.

  • Tested up to 15 printers daily, finding the root-cause of failure for rejected printers. Analyses and conclusions were handed to the Manufacturing, Engineering and Quality Control Departments.

  • Initiated changes to manufacturing procedures concerning parts and systems, based on failure analyses.

  • Suggested engineering changes to products, improving product reliability.

  • Tested incoming components and assemblies from third-party vendors and coordinated corrections with the Quality Control Department.

  • Developed extensive test routines to verify each of the systems for each printer under test.

  • Developed a motor test routine for use in 28 Series printers that qualified as second source vendors.

  • Supported the verification testing of a new printhead revision for use in the 330 Line of card printers.

  • Performed beta-testing failure analyses for card and barcode label printer printheads, including a microscopic inspection of each defect. Prepared reports on electro-mechanical defects for engineering change orders.

United State Navy, Virginia Beach, Virginia                                                                                    1981-2001

Aviation Electronics Technician, First Class

Served on a variety of aircraft carriers providing aircraft electronic maintenance on F-14, F-18, A-6, A-7, S-3 and E-2 aircraft. Principal activities included diagnostic testing of radar, navigation and weapons guidance systems followed by onsite repair and/or replacement. The same activities were provided during shore base assignments, which were scattered across the United States.


  • Supervised 26 technicians during shore and vigorous day and night aircraft carrier operations in the launch and landing of aircraft. This included pilot interviews concerning anomalies and repairs before subsequent flights. Several of these missions where done under combat conditions.

  • Led 35 technicians performing aircraft maintenance with emphasis on avionics, electronics and troubleshooting non-documented problems.

  • Prepared bill of materials needed for repairing and maintaining aircraft and weapon systems.

  • Managed the maintenance and readiness of six F-14 fighter aircraft and achieved 100% readiness without exceptions. During this period, aided other maintenance groups to achieve the same level of readiness.

  • During a parts shortage, arranged to locate and obtain replacements without impacting aircraft schedules.

  • Trained other technicians in troubleshooting techniques on specific aircraft.

  • Tracked, scheduled, conducted and logged training for 235 airmen for the squadron’s post- and pre-deployment readiness.

  • Purchased tools and equipment from outside sources.

  • Supervised 26 avionics technicians performing scheduled and non-scheduled maintenance on aircraft to meet squadron readiness. No missions were lost as result of this maintenance.

  • Supervised 12 technicians, maintaining four aircraft to qualify the aircraft carrier to accept EA-6B, F-14 and F-18 aircraft for landings.

  • Managed 2,230 critical assets required to maintain aircraft readiness.

  • Implemented the local area management system (LAMS) to track critical assets.

  • Transitioned squadron maintenance instructions from a hard copy to a centralized electronic system for ease of access and maintainability at each work center.

  • Coordinated programs with civilian contractors.

Electrical Repairs:

  • Installed and repaired radar systems (APG-71), including wiring and connectors used on several aircraft systems.

  • Installed and repaired wiring and cabling on E-2, EA-6B, A-6, F-14, F-4, F-18, A-4 and A-7 aircraft.

  • Wired and maintained an 18-terminal LAN network for the squadron’s computer system.

  • Installed strain gauges on several aircraft components for airframe flight tests.

Mechanical Fabrication and Repairs:

  • Fabricated mounting hardware for telemetry equipment for in-flight testing.

  • Fabricated mounting hardware for the heads-up display (HUD) system that recorded a pilot’s view during missile and gun fire sequences.


United States Navy Training:

Basic Electrical and Electronics Technical Training
RADAR, Navigation, Communication, Computer Systems Theory, Testing and Troubleshooting
F-14A/B RADAR and Avionics Systems Training
F-14A/B Advanced RADAR and Avionics Systems Testing and Troubleshooting
F-14D RADAR and Avionics Systems Testing and Troubleshooting
Leadership, Management and Training (LMET)
Classified Materials Storage (CMS) Custodian
Naval Aviation Quality Assurance Administration
Navy Gas-Free Engineer Technician using the MULTI RAE PGM50-P5
Total Quality Leadership (Deming Method)
Shipboard Aircraft Firefighting

Zebra Technologies:

Presentation Skills, Creative Writing, Agile (PLM) Product Lifecycle Management

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