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Hands-on Database Professional

A versatile, hands-on database professional who has created and managed databases with up to 13 million customers for the world's largest specialty retail catalog and online business, as well as a privately owned direct marketing company. Combined total sales were more than $6.75 billion with gross margins of up to 70%. Introduced technology that expanded the use of sophisticated analytic database tools that provided household and individual intelligence for targeted marketing programs, covering 4,500 SKUs.

Expertise includes outstanding skills in management and creation of databases, use of analytic software, selection and training of staff, problem solving, risk mitigation, dealing with vendors and consultants, and project management.


The Walt Disney Company, Disney Shopping, Inc., Glendale, California 2000-Present

Senior Manager-Database Management

Managed the Disney online and catalog database of five million active customers that supported annual sales of $150 million. Participated in the execution of multi-channel marketing efforts, including the mailing of more than 35 million catalogs annually. Managed internal and external customer databases, including qualitative and quantitative analyses for multi-channel direct marketing programs.

  • Conducted an audit of the company's external database located in Chicago, resulting in a major process optimization that reduced the update cycle for the database from eight weeks to two weeks. The cost savings averaged 50%.
  • Managed the data flow from (catalog and online), The Disney Store and Disney credit card, representing 18 million orders, into Disney Shopping's customer database.
  • Governed the external service bureau's use of Disney's data as it related to the development, maintenance and quality control of the external Disney Direct customer database.
  • Governed all aspects of database processing, including update schedules, address hygiene schedules, database reference documentation and business rules.
  • Enforced rules controlling database quality, minimizing integrity risks and ensuring compliance with privacy policies. The database was subsequently evaluated by a third party service bureau and rated "Best in Class."
  • Worked closely with Disney legal, internal information technology management and an outside service bureau to complete a credit card encryption project. Managed list rental, customer privacy and service bureau contracts in accordance with Disney's data privacy, protection policies and California's SB27 Privacy Act.
  • Managed and implemented a marketing query procedure using PC DirectSelect tools, providing customer intelligence for improved marketing plans and campaigns. This included monitoring database update audits that ensured data integrity.
  • Managed an external service bureau database development team, including eight members who rebuilt Disney Direct's customer database. This resulted in a more efficient update process that provided consistent and dependable data for analytical and segmentation needs.
  • Audited the implementation of lifetime value calculations and customer acquisition costs that determined the most valuable and loyal customers.
  • Managed implementation of the "Best Customer Scale-Up" project that supported changes in the Marketing Department's loyalty program.
  • Regularly introduced new database variables that facilitated modeling, reporting, customer analysis and segmentation for catalog lists and e-mail campaigns. This included the setup of e-mail campaign segmentation for to 3-4 million addresses used in more than 120 e-mail campaigns.
  • Managed data relationships, communications and mailing list requests with Disney synergy partners for company marketing efforts.
  • Regularly produced a package of customer database reports and dashboards that included summary information by customer segment for improved retention planning.
  • Managed and prepared ad hoc analyses, reporting and research that supported Disney Direct businesses and marketing needs, using a variety of tools including Brio, Business Objects, PC Direct Select and SQL.
  • Implemented new customer demographic overlay fields, prepared buyer demographic profile reports and assisted marketing in profiling customers.
  • Managed the customer database synchronization project, reducing customer duplication in the AS400 Mozart operating system files and increasing operating efficiency.
  • Coordinated and managed sensitive customer data extracts and integration to the company wide data warehouse and database, the Disney Visa team and third party vendors that supported cooperative database agreements, customer surveys, acquisition modeling and analyses.
  • Supported and contributed to's marketing strategy by providing database marketing analyses, including three-year channel trends, new-to-file statistics, merchandise product and character groups, five-year buyer retention comparisons, single versus multiple buyers, seasonality and multiple channel buyer analyses.
  • Partnered with the Disney Internet Group on process flow and development of e-mail address segmentation, which supported a 15+ month interim e-mail campaign and provided marketing intelligence about each mailing.
  • Led a project that upgraded personal marketing information (telephone and e-mail), adding individuals into household addresses and permitting multiple customers within a household.
  • Led the addition of promotional catalog mailings and "post demand" order data to support marketing's lifetime value project. These evaluations factored in orders, returns, and marketing and catalog costs to arrive at a value potential for a given customer.

United States Sales Corporation, Northridge, California 1975-2000

Marketing Systems Manager (1994-2000)

Managed marketing systems for a privately owned direct marketing company with sales of $350 million. Supervised 10-12 analysts and programmers developing a marketing database, including household and list management, marketing analyses, modeling, segmentation and list selection. Supported sales and "closed loop tracking," covering each transaction from catalog mailing to completion of order.

  • Developed interactive and batch processing systems using COBOL, CICS and DYL.
  • Interacted with other business departments, managing system requirements and application designs for batch and interactive programs.
  • Coordinated and used latest technology to support business processes including:

- Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integration of front- and back-office systems

- Customer Service, Order Processing, Fulfillment, Marketing and Customer Management

- Mainframe (MVS, TSO), AS/400 (OS/400), DB2 and dBase

Marketing Systems Analyst (1989-1994)

Designed and implemented the following systems:

- Marketing database (managing transactional data covering 13 million customers)

- List selection (modeling and selection of data from the marketing database)

- Sales performance tracking (closed-loop response and revenue reporting)

- Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transfers with direct-marketing vendors

- List rental and acquisition

Application of technology that supported the following business processes:

- Marketing database maintenance including householding and list management

- Marketing analyses, modeling and list selection

- Sales Performance including closed-loop tracking of responses and revenue

- ERP integration of front-office and back-office systems, covering Customer Service, Order Processing, Fulfillment, and Marketing

- Use of technologies, including mainframe (MVS, TSO), AS/400 (OS/400), COBOL and DYL

- Interacting with all administrative functions, including document requirements and production of detailed system designs

Marketing Systems Programmer (1981-1989)

Programmed marketing database systems used with mainframe (MVS, TSO), AS/400 (OS/400), PCs, COBOL and DYL.

Data Entry Supervisor/Programmer (1975-1981)

Began career in data entry and was quickly promoted into programming and supervision. Managed 30 data entry operators at any given time.


College of the Desert, Palm Desert, California

General Academic Program

Other Courses: COBOL programming (interactive and batch processing), IBM AS400 Query and Command Language, CommercialWare Mozart system, BrioQuery, Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Transaction Query training course for data warehouse/decision support and standard human resources courses

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