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There are two types of executive recruiters.                                Proceed to CRITERIA FORM

Retained Recruiters are paid a negotiated fee and have exclusivity for a given search. If a candidate submits a resume to the company and it is using a retained recruiter for the position, the company will automatically turn over the candidate's resume to the recruiter for first consideration. The recruiter is paid a part of the fee with the assignment and then the balance over an agreed periods of time. Usually, retained recruiters handle assignments with executives earning more than $70,000.

Contingency Recruiters are paid only if their candidate is hired. As the name implies, contingency recruiters work on speculation. If they work hard on an assignment but their candidate is not chosen, there is no fee. Usually, companies let a few contingency recruiting firms know of an assignment. Consequently, there is keen competition among these recruiters to have their candidate chosen. It is important for candidates to understand the distinction between contingency and retained recruiters. If the company obtains a recruit on its own without the intervention of any of the contingency recruiters, there is no fee. When working with contingency recruiters, you will need to make sure that they are not approaching a company that you have already contacted. Contingency recruiters work on jobs with salaries of $25,000 and up.

Our database includes more than 5,000 of the nation's leading retainer and contingency recruiters. Using our Criteria Form, you can make your selection of recruiters very accurate with respect to job function, industry experience, location and type of recruiter - contingency, retainer or both. Our database is updated daily to provide you with the latest information and minimum returns.

For Express Services E-mail users, go to our CRITERIA FORM and to your selection. We will contact you with the number and cost for your mailing.

There is no charge to you for our doing a search of our database as to how many recruiters you have selected.

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