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Answering advertisements: Unless you have some really special qualifications, answering advertisements is a long shot. It is not uncommon for help wanted ads to pull as many as a 1,000 replies. Selecting your resume from such a pile would be tough. While the odds are remote, we encourage candidates to answer advertisements where their skills, training and experience are a perfect match. Short of a good match, you are wasting your time. If you can identify the company placing the advertisement, it is wise to network your way into the company to reach the decider. It takes longer, but the results are often worth the effort.

Contacting recruiters: Once you have created an outstanding resume and cover letter, we recommend that all candidates send out a mailing to a selected list of executive recruiters as quickly as possible. The job market continues to improve and companies are turning to recruiters to help them fill key hard-to-fill positions. Wise job-seekers will let recruiters know of their availability as quickly as possible. One word of advice - do not chase after recruiters. Once your mailing is out, get on with the other ways of obtaining a job. If your resume is of interest to a recruiter, you can be sure that he will contact you.

Unsolicited letters to target companies: With the advancement of computer technology, company executives are besieged with mail. If you do mailings to companies, you should put together your target list very carefully along with a personalized cover letter and a resume that will make them sit up. Such mailings are a numbers game and, while a certain number of candidates do get results, especially with companies out of their immediate area, we prefer networking and meeting people one-on-one. Remember, people get jobs from people.

Networking: By far, networking is the most productive job-search method. Getting out and meeting people is still the number one way to obtain a new position. However, to be proficient in marketing yourself, you need to acquire the latest interviewing techniques and then practice with a friend and recorder.

All of the above techniques can be found in SuperJobSearch. To get the very best out of your search, get a copy today and read it before you begin. You will never get a second chance to have a brilliant first interview.

What experts are saying about SuperJobSearch®...

“Super Job Search is more than the definitive guide to successful job hunting, it is the career guidance roadmap for professionals and novices alike. When asked for job search advice, reading SuperJobSearch is on top of my list of priority actions for candidates. Over the last 20 years, Peter has emerged as one of the foremost authorities on applying practical, concrete and proven steps to finding a job. Anyone who is lucky enough to receive Peter’s personal attention and counsel is privileged indeed but reading and executing the principles in his book comes in a very close second!” Martin J. Hewett, FBIM, Global Partner, Highland Partners Executive Search, Hudson Highland Group

“As a 20-year HR Exec, I thought I knew all about job wasn’t until I had to conduct my own personal job search that I realized how much help I really needed...SuperJobSearch was THE reason I successfully completed my’s the Bible on the subject and a must read for all job searchers.” Marty Holtzman, Director of Human Resources, Zebra Technologies

“Studner’s book is an extensive valuable resource for outplacement. It is easily readable for all levels of employees. There are excellent examples of the perfect resume, which I have used for my own resume. Peter and his colleagues are simply the ‘best of the best’.” Joan Juarez, Employee Relations and Training Manager, Little Company of Mary (A Member of the Providence Health System)

“The chapter on ‘Telemarketing Yourself’ is worth the entire price of the publication. Studner does an excellent piece of work.” J. Bramlage, Mead Corporation

“I’ve presided over 20,000 hires so far in my career and I am convinced that Peter Studner’s SuperJobSearch is simply the best book about how to get a job on the market.  I recommend it...every time an out-of-work person calls me.  I’m a headhunter.  Peter’s book tells readers not to call headhunters, so when someone calls, I automatically know they need to read it.  I offer to meet with anyone who wants to pick my brain, but not until after they have read Super Job Search.  Their having read it makes a dramatic difference in the value they get from our conversation.  Buy it.  It’s the best.” John Wentworth, CEO, The Wentworth Company, Managed Recruiting

“Peter Studner has been one of the pioneers in the outplacement industry.  His book, SuperJobSearch, is a thoughtful, thorough, detailed guide to all the steps in the process of looking for and landing a new job.  The book is practical in its approach and provides useful sample letters and sample resumes.  It contains everything a job seeker needs to know, in a well organized format.” Elliot Gordon, Senior Client Partner, 27 years in executive search, 22 years with Korn/Ferry International 

"We have counseled over 2,000 individuals, each one of whom we have provided with a copy of SuperJobSearch®... Without question the most definitive book ever written on the subject." Ray Howell, Bridford Career Management Ltd., Outplacement Consultants

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