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Resume writing is an art and fortunately it can be learned. Most people think resumes should tell people what you do. Our emphasis is telling people what you have done. Which is more credible: I am a great salesman. Or, I achieved more than 20% sales growth over the last three years. Just telling people what you do does not mean that you have actually done it. Job search is all about skills and nothing demonstrates skills better than the achievements that you have realized in each of your positions. This is carefully explained, step-by-step, in our manual, SuperJobSearch.

Writing interesting eye-catching letters is also essential to provoke your reader to learn more about you. Good letters do not repeat items that can be found in the resume. Rather, they summarize your accomplishments into skill groups and provide the reader with a quick overview of what you have to offer any future employer. Look at the cover letter as the script you want to provide any recruiter to present you in a few seconds by phone to his client. Cover letters should be short and to the point.

Our counselors are skilled in creating winning resumes and letters. Keep in mind that our counselors have worked with thousands of candidates year after year. We know what it takes to maximize a candidate's potential. We also share these secrets in our manual, SuperJobSearch, and strongly recommend you read it before writing your resume or cover letters.

Our Express E-mail Service is the fastest way to get your resume and cover letter into the hands of leading executive recruiters!

If you are having trouble perfecting your resume, we can help.

1. Fill out our criteria form. Then, after you receive an e-mail from us telling you how many recruiters match your criteria, give us a call to arrange payment (1-310-470-6688 or 1-310-470-6688) and request our additional cover letter and resume editing assistance for $75.00. Once you send us your resume and cover letter, we will contact you with suggestions for content improvement, and we will proofread and correct your resume and cover letter.

2. If you do not have a resume and need help in creating a resume, we recommend that you first purchase a copy of SuperJobSearch or OBJECTIF EMPLOI, depending on what country you are targeting. Take a look at our MODEL RESUMES for examples of actual candidate resumes. For samples of cover letters, see our MODEL COVER LETTERS. Then prepare a draft following the step-by-step instructions in the manual. If you would like your resume and cover letter to be proofread, there will be a flat charge of $75.00 to edit these documents for grammar and to suggest content improvement in conjunction with an Express E-mail Services order.

If you do not have a cover letter, we can write one with you by telephone, provided, your resume has been completed. The cost of creating a new cover letter is $75, provided you purchase a recruiter mailing. You will be charged in advance for this service. Please request this service when paying for your Express E-mail Service.

Our guarantee:
Our proprietary recruiter lists are updated daily. Yet, we recognize that a small percentage of any list will vary as people and businesses are constantly moving. We expect to have undeliverable e-mails that should not exceed 4% of the list.

No one can guarantee you employment. Our services are offered to help you with your job search, to save you time and make your availability known to recruiters who are considered the leaders in their respective specialties. But, in the final analysis, your selection for any position is directly dependent on your ability to sell yourself and how much competition you have for a given position. How well you prepare for a job search will decide success or failure. We encourage all candidates to explore as many resources as possible with the aim of becoming a better salesperson for their skills. The harder you work, the luckier you will become.

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