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E-mailing Your Resume

With the increase in viruses, people do not open unsolicited resumes as much as they did before. Candidates should send resumes inside their e-mail messages. Not every e-mail program will permit you to send your resume with complete formatting. However, if you use Outlook Express or Outlook, you can insert a formatted version of your resume that will have lots of eye appeal. If you use AOL, then you will have to settle for a text transmission which you can adjust to make it attractive. Here are the steps you can take.

Step 1. Have your resume placed on our our website under Candidate Profiles. This is a free service open to all our clients.

Step 2. When your resume has been posted, you can then go into our web site and copy it from the the opening paragraph down to the end. Do not include the part that says "Return to the top of the page" To copy the part you want, place your cursor before the character at the beginning, click (even if the cursor does not show on the document) and while holding down the shift key, scroll down to the end of the text you wish to copy. Click at the end of the copy. This will highlight your text. Then, with your cursor anywhere over the highlighted text, right click on your mouse. You will see the Copy option. Click on Copy. Your text is now copied to your program's clip board. You can now close your browser.

Step 3. Open your e-mail program and create a new e-mail. Address it to yourself. The subject could be, for example, Interested in your listing for a medical research professional. Then in the message part, begin your e-mail with a message, for example:

Dear Recruiting Executive:

I noted with interest your requirement for a medical research professional. For the past seven years, I have been performing medical research at the John Hopkins Medical Center and have been on Dr. Sebastian Knowitall's team that discovered that cholesterol can be reduced by eating less fatty foods, living sanely and not going to wild parties. In addition, I have .... <<more accomplishments>>

I am now seeking a new job where I can use my skills in:

<<list your skills>>.

Below, please find my resume for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.


<<your name>>

Step 4.

Draw a line of asterisks across the page to separate your resume from your opening e-mail message.


Placing your cursor here... right click and then press Paste. Your resume that you copied to your clip board will appear.

All you need to do is insert your name, address, telephone number(s) and e-mail address on top as this was not included on our site. What you have done is copied an html version of your resume into your e-mail.

Placing your cursor at the beginning of your resume, begin typing in your name, address and other heading information.

If you find that you have a line that will not close up to the preceding line, you need to do the following: Back space from the beginning of the line until the line hops up to the preceding line. Then press Return while holding down the Shift key. You will then keep the two lines joined, one under the other. You may need to practice this to see how to control spacing. The essential point is to press the shift key while pressing your return key.

Do not try to justify to the right as present e-mail technology will only take left and center formatting. This can be done, but requires much more sophisticated procedures which are not really necessary.

Step 5.

You should send your e-mail and it will arrive to you as it would have to someone else. You can then see if you need to make any corrections for your next e-mail. Here is how to use this work over again:

With the e-mail you just received, right click on the message and press Select All. Then right click again and press Copy. You now can copy this message by pasting it into any new e-mail. Of course, you will want to adjust your message to suit the reason of your communication and write an appropriate subject. Your resume will be already formatted which will not require any further attention. However, if you do wish to make a modification, be sure to not to alter the bullets.

Once you have mastered the select, copy and paste procedure, you will be able to send personalized e-mails with your resume included in the message with speed and ease.

Of course, it would not hurt to attach a formatted resume to your message just in case your recipient would like to have the formal fully-formatted version. However, your recipient can decide just to print out the e-mail and will have immediately both your message and resume.

If you have any questions on this process, discuss it with your counselor. He/she can help you.

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